Wild Card

             Membership Program

Welcome to our Wild Card Membership Program! Whether we are a stop on your Sri Lankan holiday or you are visiting us as a weekend getaway from the bustling city life - we are thrilled that you've chosen to stay at Wild Grass Nature Resort!

To make the most out of your stay, we have developed a Membership Program that offers benefits as of your very first stay. The more you come back, the greater the benefits!

We understand that all travellers are different. To be able to offer you the best membership package available, please tell us who you are.

You are visiting our beautiful island paradise from abroad and are here for a few weeks. Maybe you'll love it so much that you will return, or maybe you'll tell your friends and family back home about your once in a lifetime experience in Sri Lanka. 

Sign up for our membership program and take advantage of our offers for tourists!

You are either a Sri Lankan national or a resident expat and love to travel the island on your days off and long weekends. Wild Grass Nature Resort offers the break you need from your hectic life and a detox in nature has proven benefits. The more you come back to stay with us,  the greater the savings!